It’s the All-American Dream to own a home. A place you can make your own, create memories and build a foundation of love with those you love most. Whether it’s a starter home or a place you plan to dig your roots deep down and stay for a while, a home is not only a brick and mortar type of place, but where your heart is as well.

So, how do go about attaining this dream house when it seems impossible to catch up on bills and even sustain the life you are living now? Here are a few simple tricks to save for your home without having to change much of your day-to-day activity.

  1. Figure out exactly how much you need. Assume that you will need 10% down for your first home (this may vary from state-to-state) and make that your goal. Be realistic in this assessment and don’t try and overshoot what you can really afford. Once you have that number, you can start planning on how to actually get there.
  2. Create a monthly budget. Now that you know your goal, you can begin saving by utilizing a budget. You build savings by spending less than you earn. Therefore, any financial goals begin and end with your monthly family budget. It’s important to be both honest and realistic about your spending habits out of the gate, and then stick with your fixed plan as much as possible.
  3. Downsize before you upsize. Moving to a one-bedroom apartment from a two-bedroom apartment can drop your rent by 20% to 30% in most areas. If you don’t have kids, it may be a smart move to live small before you move into your new home and then reallocate the unused rent into your housing fund.
  4. Start using coupons. Seriously, save where you can. Even if it’s on small trips to your local drug store, there’s a coupon for that. There’s a coupon for everything. You have to start tightening your belt and it’s best to do it with things that you use everyday. A little will go a very, very long way!

You can do it. Your dream home is closer than you think.

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