Environment is a big area of concern for most of the leaders today. Rising water levels and disappearing land mass has made the people more conscious and sensitive towards pollution and misuse of natural resources. This thought process has percolated down into the various industries as well who are now choosing to contribute towards sustainable environment.

So how does a home improvement company contribute to sustainable environment and reduce the climatisation Gree Rock Forest problems?

Design of Products

Most companies today design their products to be energy efficient. That is a given. But we also ensure that the products are designed to be built using recycled material. Once the recycled raw materials are brought in then the engineering processes have to kick in. Here we make sure that our production processes do not emit any harmful fumes that pollute the environment. We also make sure that the waste generated from these productions processes does not go untreated and pollute the land, air, and water of the area.

Transportation of Products

Another aspect of the industry that can contribute to pollution is the use of transportation to move the products from one place to the homes of the end customers. So the strategy we use is to set up most of our warehouses as close to the railroads as possible. This way we don’t have to add more vehicles on the road and can maximise the use of railroads. Another strategy is to assemble the products at the customer’s place. This will reduce the packaging waste and lighter transportation can work for smaller pieces.

Maintenance of Products

It is very important to service the electronic products regularly so as to maintain their energy efficiency. If the products are not serviced then their energy consumption increases over time. So we set up service reminders for customers and send them pending service alerts. We also design annual service contracts so that it becomes hassle-free for them to keep their equipment in a good condition.

Destruction of Products

Electronic waste is a growing problem globally since a lot of people are not aware of how these goods have to be disposed. Some companies have come forward and set up electronic waste collection centres where people can come and just drop in their products. The companies then pick this waste, sort through it for recyclable products and then dispose the remaining waste in right manner.

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